The unannounced Bea...

The unannounced Beats Studio Buds appear in Apple's latest beta software.

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Unannounced Beats Studio Buds will be released in Apple's latest beta  software


In addition to some เข้าเกม slotxo limited-edition color changes, the Beats has been in a quiet time since the Beats Flex last October. But it looks like Apple-owned brands are preparing to release new high-end earbuds. As MacRumors sees, there is an image of "Beats Studio Buds" in the latest iOS and tvOS beta releases.The unnoticed earbuds look significantly different from the Powerbeats Pro, becoming a popular choice among exercisers.

These things have no ear hooks. But somehow, and there seems to be a slight diagonal steam protruding above the top.These images are included in the software version. A "seasoned candidate" may mean that Beats Studio Buds is scheduled to be announced in the near future. The Verge has contacted Beats for comment.Apple is expected to update its flagship

AirPods headphones this year with a new design with a shorter stem and other aesthetic details borrowed from the AirPods Pro, but will likely retain a single size of hard plastic. However, Beats appears to stick with a silicone tip for an in-ear seal.Beats is in transition after former President Luke Wood left Apple last year, rumored recently that HTC's Scott Croyle was playing a key role in the design of Beats hardware.

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