To boost your run, ...

To boost your run, think pink for your drink,

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Pink Drinks Can Help You Run Faster and Further Compared to Clear Drinks


A British study found that consuming a pink beverage during exercise can increase performance. Color-induced placebo effect linked to imaginary sugars together may improve feelings of well-being.In the study, published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, researchers from the Center for Nutraceuticals at the University of Westminster in London asked participants to run for 30 minutes on a treadmill at their desired speed.The runners were separated into two groups:

those who were เข้าเกม slotxo given pink drinks to rinse their mouths and those who were given clear drinks to rinse their mouths.Both beverages are artificially sweetened and low in calories, with food coloring only added to the first drink to give it a pink color.Participants who were given the pink drink ran an average of 212 meters farther than the other group, and the researchers noted a 4.4% increase in their performance. together Exercise seems easier and more fun to them.Pink increases expectations of sugar and carbohydrates.The researchers described these results based on the pink characteristics selected for the study.

Pink is associated with sweetness and therefore promotes the body's expectations of sugar and carbohydrate intake.Our study's findings combine culinary arts with efficient nutrition, as the addition of pink to artificially sweetened solutions is not only a great idea. But only improves the perception of sweetness It also enhances the feeling of happiness, the chosen running speed, and the distance covered during the run, ”commented author Dr. Sanjoy Deb.More research is needed to see if the placebo effect proposed in this example, the pink drink induces similar activation of the brain's reward area.


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