The new film "Drago...

The new film "Dragon Ball Super" comes in 2022.

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A new Dragon Ball Super movie is coming in 2022 - Polygon


If you're a Dragon Ball fan, you'll know that Goku Day (May 9th) has just passed, and this year Toei Animation has made a special makeover for the annual Dragon Ball celebration. Japan's theme has revealed the surprise announcement of the new Dragon Ball Super movie slated for 2022.

The Dragon Ball phenomenon started in slot xo 1984 when the famous manga from Akira Torimaya premiered on Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump.It became the top-rated title in 10 and a half years of publication. Since then, the popularity of Dragon Ball has grown and expanded over the years and generations.Dragon Ball continues to evolve, especially with the announcement of the upcoming big movie.

This upcoming second film is based on the anime and manga titled Dragon Ball Super, released in 2015. The first film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, has continued to gain popularity thanks to a record-setting audience. Over $ 120 million worldwide in 2018, despite the launch of a fanatic card game.Planning for a new Dragon Ball Super movie began in 2018, just before Dragon Ball: Broly was released. The aim of the movie is to tell a big story that will generate enthusiastic response from the previous drama series, and Global heat for Broly

Although the movie has not yet released an official title, with Akira Torimaya leading the production. But we know Torimaya will work hard, with great detail and high quality standards to deliver the compelling stories that fans crave.For more information and updates on upcoming movies, please follow Toei Animation on social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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