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Biden proposed ARPA-H, the health research agency

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Biden Budget Proposes $6.5 Billion Health Research Agency (1)


In a joint speech from Congress last night, President Biden updated the country on vaccination efforts and outlined the administration's ambitious goals.Biden's first 100 days were characterized by comprehensive legal packaging that could lift millions of Americans out of poverty and slow the climate crisis. But during his first congress in Congress, the president stressed another small, less ambitious plan: "End-stage cancer, as we all know.

I don't think there is a สูตรเล่นสล็อต worthwhile investment anymore," Biden said on Wednesday night. "I don't know there is nothing more bipartisan It is in our power to do Opinions are not at all blue. Earlier this month, the White House issued a $ 6.5 billion budget request to open a new government agency for progressive health research. The proposed health agency will be called ARPA-H and will be residents of the NIH.The beginning will be aimed at cancer,

diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. But the agency is also pursuing other "transformational innovations" that can generate health research.The $ 6.5 billion investment is part of the full $ 51 billion NIH budget. But some critics believe ARPA-H should be subject to the Department of Health and Human Services rather than under the NIH.ARPA-H will be modeled after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which develops moonlight-like technology for defense applications.DARPA's targets often sound more like science fiction than science.

But the agency contributes to or builds on a number of ubiquitous technologies today, including its predecessor GPS and ARPANET, most notably the growing computer network in the modern internet. Unlike more conservative research teams, DARPA seeks significant scientific advances in a way that is more involved with Silicon Valley than it does with other government agencies. Biden believes that using the DARPA model to Cutting-edge health research will keep the US no-lag in biotechnology.




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