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Broadway tickets to be sold this September will reopen.

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Broadway tickets to go on sale for September reopening - BBC News


Tickets for Broadway will go on slotxo เล่นฟรี sale this week, although the show won't restart until September 14.From there, cinemas will be allowed to full 100% of the capacity, announced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.Thousands of jobs disappeared when the Broadway theater closed in March 2020 due to an epidemic.Broadway plays an integral part of the state's identity and economy, we are thrilled that the curtain will return to buzz," Kuomo said on Twitter.

New York plans to lift most restrictions on the coronavirus later this month. But Broadway needs more time to rehearse and producers have to spend more time advertising the program.Starting a new Broadway is a complex endeavor, ”Charlotte St Martin, president of the Broadway League, an industry group, told Reuters.The governor green light, today, to put our items up for sale this fall is vital to our success.

Safety steps are still being rolled out, with one possibility requiring audience members to provide proof of vaccination.We've never done this before," Victoria Bailey, executive director of TDF, the nonprofit that runs a ticket booth in Times Square, told the New York Times.The last time the drama industry opened up from an epidemic, Shakespeare continued to write new plays.Thirty-one Broadway shows are in production when Covid-19 hits hits such as Hamilton, Wicked,

and The Lion King.Some of the productions, including Mean Girls and Frozen, will never return.Broadway supports more than 96,000 jobs in New York and contributed nearly $ 15 billion (£ 11.2 billion) to the city's economy in 2019, according to the Broadway League, the theater union. Such numbers are not only But take into account the ticket sales But also the investment for exhibitions and shows, and the money that tourists spend when they come to New York to watch them.


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