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Can You Trust Free Business Fax Numbers?

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That is the question that many marketers consider today as the business environment becomes increasingly more competitive, while trying to keep their marketing campaigns cost effective and increase lead conversions. More often than not, the less experienced marketers would choose the option to build their own lists from the start, which is an irresponsible move that can cost them their business. Unless they're experts on demographics and market psychology, which is unlikely, they end up with highly diverse fax lists that are mostly random and not targeted.

In this case, they receive the brutal awakening of their failures rather quickly, as the leads are non-existent and the sales are at a standstill. So, at the end of the day, they need more contacts to beef up their marketing strategy and they often turn to free business fax numbers, which are inexpensive and only require a minimal investment. They do this because they are unwilling to make the proper investment to continue a campaign that is already keeping their phones quiet. Do not make this mistake. In fact, do not plan a campaign based on uneducated guesses and gut feelings. Be sure of your product and service and educate yourself on the type of market that will be most likely to listen to your pitch and eventually, your product. These are the things you must keep in mind when you're considering your strategies for a direct marketing campaign. When you try and approach a random market with a psychology that is not interested with the product that you are selling, you're more likely going to realize the surprise of failure than of success.

This is why you cannot trust free business fax numbers for the simple reason of their state of existence in the first place. Why are they free? They're most likely free because they were compiled without any specific consideration, and more likely will not be a reliable resource in terms of sales conversions. Additionally, these fax numbers are probably of people or companies that were originally developed for another reason, and their numbers are being recycled rather than being targeted for your specific product or service which could make them angry that you're wasting their time with what they wouldn't want in the first place. You should always question the legitimacy of the lists you obtain. Are they highly targeted towards your particular market or product? How were the lists compiled? Don't be surprised by the fact that nothing other than sheer volume goes into the development of free business fax numbers. You'd be surprised to know that it usually involves inexperienced personnel sitting behind their desks and logging onto the internet with a software program that will harvest hundreds of thousands of fax numbers every day from random company websites, just to meet a certain quota for the day or week. The "harvesting" of such fax numbers is never done with any thought or consideration for the type of product you intend to market.

If you're determined use such a list it would be like shooting a gun with a blindfold, and most likely shooting yourself in the foot. These lists are never targeted, and the most likely result you would achieve is reaching a company that wants nothing to do with you or your product or services.


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