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Wuxi Tianhe Copper Mould Tube Co.,Ltd. is located in the scenic Taihu Lake- Yang Town, close to Beijing-Shanghai Railway , Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Wuxi - Yixing Expressway, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, 312 State Road, the traffic is very convenient.
Our Company for the iron and steel casting company to provide professional support services, fixed assets of $8.5 million 75 employees, including engineering and technical personnel 10 people, and relying on scientific research unit. Universities , large state-owned enterprises as technical support, to ensure product quality. In 2000 our company has passed the provincial metallurgy office products have passed ISO9001:2000 standard, is the production and repair of mold copper, assembly, and various metallurgical spare parts specialist.
In recent years, our dedication to continuous casting of steel transformation of state service, has successfully developed a variety of crystal assembly as the main metallurgical spare parts. According to different requirements of our customers, design and manufacture all kind of types of mold and mold form brass, copper pipe repair contract, the tube supply spare parts and various metallurgical processing business. Also provide you with high quality, efficient and satisfactory service.
鈥淧ragmatic, innovative, pioneering, first to 鈥?the spirit of ou enterprise. Established and is compatible with the advanced management and business experience, with a management, technology, branding, marketing, equipment and other five major advantages. Our new century with a new image, first-class quality, first-class service and universal friend to work together, sharing the fruit of a better tomorrow.
Our Services
1. We are willing to provide products in accordance with the content specified in the tender;
2. We guarantee to organize production and deliver on time according to the technical requirements stated in the tender;
3. We guarantee to meet the actual installation size and use requirements of the buyer on site to ensure the quality of copper pipe use;
4. We guarantee to provide high-quality and fast service;
5. We are willing to provide data and information related to this standard;
6. We are willing to perform all our responsibilities as required by the contract law.China Copper Mould Tube Round 250


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