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Customized 1000 Ton Hydraulic Press

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Donguan Yintong Mechanical Technology co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturing companies producing hydraulic press machine in China. With the aim of being China's best hydraulic press manufacturer. Our company has for over a decade, put all its efforts in the design, development, and production of the customer-oriented hydraulic systems with high safety standards. All our products have been awarded the IQNET, ISO9001, and 2008 International Quality Management System Dual Certificate. Moreover, we have a customer base all over the world.
Since its foundation, YINTONG has continually invested in technology and new product development, in order to meet our clients' special requirements. Safety, efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendliness are all part of our mission statement. Through tireless effort, we now provide over 120 types of hydraulic press products, which are widely used in sectors that range from auto parts over electronic components to tableware and glasses.
Based on independent innovation, YINTONG has applied for more than 10 patents, which laid a solid foundation on making the company into a leading brand. The company will continue enhancing the core competitiveness and providing more personalized, professional, and intelligent hydraulic press equipment to the perspective users. In the next stage, YINTONG will stick on to technological innovation, making it a China's leading hydraulic press manufacturer.Customized 1000 Ton Hydraulic Press


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