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鈼?Since 2004
鈼?Cooperate with 7 of China top ten frp foam core panels cooler room makers
鈼?Two workshop equipped with 7 sets production lines, in both South of China and & north of China
Application Gallery
Truck body, frp foam core panels (sandwich panel)
Dry freight (FRP/ GRP with Plywood or Honeycomb core)
路 Refrigerated (temperature controlled) (FRP/ GRP with PU or XPS core)
PP honeycomb core of FRP Foam core panels
Model:PP8-80T30 (cell diameter 8mm, density 80kg/m鲁,T30 means 30g non-woven fabrics)
Thickness: 10mm to 30mm
Usage temperature: -40鈩?~ +100鈩?/p>
Impact strength: >25KJ/m2
(mm)density锛坘g/m3锛?/p>Compression trength (Mpa)Compression modulus (Mpa)Loading capacity (N)
Company Introduction
Runfeng (tangshan) composite materials Co.,Ltd. is a company who is committed to produce high Quality FRP sheets, and provide service for construction and maintenance system of roof daylight all the world.
The advanced continuous FRP molding production line was imported from USA at the beginning of the establishment. Along with the development, relying on the our R&D team, the more advanced production line was independent designed and put into production, which is the first FRP continues production line in mainland, the production efficiency is 30% increased. And frp sheets width upto 2650mm.
Production capacity ( 1+6 lines)
1. Super wide type production line
1) Maximum width 3000 mm flat or corrugated sheet .It greatly improve construction efficiency锛宺educe hidden trouble of leakage.
2) Production: 8000 meters/day
2. Standard production line
1) Device length锛?4 meters
2) Profile: Over 300 general profiles
3) Double covering film technology
4) Full-automatic control
Cold Room Panels For Cold Room
Good waterproof performance
Polyurethane cold storage board with moisture and water resistance. The rigid polyurethane has a closed cell ratio of more than
90% and is a hydrophobic material. It does not increase the thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, and the wall surface
will also seep.
Good sound insulation
The porosity of the polyurethane material is stable and basically closed-cell structure, which not only has excellent heat preservation performance, but also has resistance to freezing and thawing and sound absorption.
Strong resistance to deformation
Strong resistance to deformation, not easy to crack, stable and safe finish.
Fire retardant and high temperature resistant
Polyurethane is a flame-retardant self-extinguishing material after adding flame retardant. Its softening point can reach above 250 掳C, and it will only decompose at higher temperature.
Our Service
Quality control: Twice inspection before packing Pre installation in plant before loading injection density controlled by computer.
Payment protection: Payment terms: T/T, L/C.
Business Data Display: Through business data let customer know seller.
Logistics: Strong packing, fast delivery, less expensive freight and professional carrier. All port available in China.
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