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Vertical Android outdoor advertising machine
The high-definition vertical Android outdoor advertising machine adopts all-outdoor, high-brightness and waterproof design. It is a high-performance industrial-grade outdoor LCD advertising machine that integrates information release, advertising, interactive applications, and e-commerce promotion. (touch and non-touch) Can be provided according to customer needs). In order to respond to the development of the market and meet the different needs of users, according to different application fields and functional requirements, vertical outdoor advertising machines can be widely used in commercial centers, urban roads, shopping malls, city squares, etc., which require outdoor advertising broadcasts and outdoor public information The field of publishing, outdoor media communication, touch interactive inquiry.
Place of OriginChina
Viewing angle89/89/89/89
Contrast ratio1400:1
Response time6-8 milliseconds
Input voltageAC110-240V
Guarantee1 year
Display typeLED
Aspect ratio16:9 (width: height)
Display color1.08B (jitter 10bit)
Working time7 * 24
Working voltage50-60HZ 100-250V
Working temperature-20鈩?60鈩?/td>
Storage temperature-30鈩?70鈩?/td>
Working humidity environment80%
Speaker power8惟10W * 2
Supply capacity2000 pieces per week
After-sales servicevideo technical support, free spare parts, online support material: aluminum alloy frame + tempered glass plate
Product picture reference (the style can be customized)
Product description
1. Aluminum alloy front frame, surface drawing oxidation, three anodic oxidation, aluminum alloy plus zinc alloy technology, back shell hardware abrasive tool stamping forming;
2. Industrial-grade LCD panel, full HD, full viewing angle IPS screen;
3. Industrial-grade substrate type power supply, support 90-263V, 50~60HZ AC input;
4. Professional display driver module, dynamic color correction, color balance, soft, anti-glare processing;
5. Support stand-alone play mode, support network online play mode;
6. Support remote operation, support multiple languages, support horizontal and vertical screen rotation display;
7. Applications: specialty stores, buildings, urban complexes, etc.;
8. Support a variety of audio and video decoding, support HTML web pages, support FLASH playback, support online information publishing.
1. IP65 is designed for outdoor applications.
2. High brightness up to 3000nits, readable in sunlight.
3. Built-in air conditioning cooling system, adapt to the ambient temperature of -40掳C-+60掳C.
4. Front tempered glass and anti-glare glass
5. Intelligent lighting system, the screen brightness is automatically adjusted according to the ambient light, saving energy.
6. Anti-dust, anti-vandalism and anti-theft.
7. Customized design for you, no need to pay extra cost.
8. The screen size is optional 32-82inch
9. Available for wall installation, roof hanging and free standing (fixed on the ground).
10. Safety circuit design
11. Built-in power timer
Network features
Support image, video, music, RSS, slideshow, web page, text and other media styles
Support display logo, date/time/week, weather forecast and real-time subtitles
User-defined screen model, flexible layout, split screen and full screen optional
Program preview, multi-level review, and security checks at each level to convey accurate information.
Terminal group management, multi-user flexible authorization.
Terminal remote monitoring, real-time view status, provide various business reports and management reports.
Powerful system health monitoring. Fault warning and prompt prompting of error messages are allowed.
Terminal remote terminal system upgrade, smart DNS, convenient, easy to operate and maintain.
Support WAN, LAN, VPN / WiFi / 3G network publishing, cross-regional, inter-provincial cities, easy to connect to multiple networksFloor Standing Led Display manufacturers


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