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Google Doodle honors printing press pioneer Johannes Gutenberg

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Google Doodle honors printing press pioneer Johannes Gutenberg - CNET


The German inventor's portable press revolutionized the slotsanook printing industry more than 500 years ago.Few people in history have had as much impact on the world as Johannes Gutenberg. In the 15th century, the German inventor launched the movable printing in Europe that sparked a revolution that helped spread knowledge into the world. Common peopl In honor of this milestone, Google dedicated the Doodle Wednesday to Gutenberg to mark the 21st anniversary of the Gutenberg Museum, which features a retrospective exhibition about his life.

Born in Germany around 1400, Gutenberg invented a portable manufacturing process in 1439, installing a commonly used wood screw compressor at the time. His process replaced handwritten manuscripts and wood block printing with a process that involved a combination of movable metal types, adjustable molds and proprietary oil-based inks.Gutenberg began publishing a book on Latin grammar around 1451, but his most outstanding work came in 1455 with what is known as the Gutenberg Bible, with 42 lines in Each page and costs equivalent to three years' wages for the average clerk. But it can be produced faster and cheaper than the original version,

which can take years to mail.Over the next few decades, Gutenberg's invention would spread to more than 200 cities across Europe, and by the 16th century, the publisher produced about 200 million books.Gutenberg's revolutionary system ushered in an era of journalism and allowed mass production of newspapers at affordable prices. His invention was synonymous with communication that it borrowed its name to the burgeoning mass media of the time called the mass media.Project Gutenberg, the oldest digital book library, was named in his honor. Volunteer efforts support the creation and distribution of free e-books, and there are more than 60,000 items in the collection.


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