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Bearing rubber seal is an annular cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing and contacts with another ring or washer or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil and the invasion of foreign objects.
Characteristic of Bearing rubber seal
ModelBearing rubber seal
SizesCustom size requirement are also available
MaterialRubber and customers鈥?requirements
It is the RIGHT product for you.
Shields and seals are protective closures that retain lubricants and assist in preventing contaminants from reaching internal surfaces. In torque-sensitive applications, it may be advantageous to use shields rather than seals because there are no contacting surfaces to create drag.
We offer very precise and very high standard of Rubber Seals and Metal Shields in a large variety of configurations and materials. Aside from the standards, Special Seals are available where severe environmental conditions prevail.Seals And Shields quotation


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